RECOV Bipeptides - 150 Tablets


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Recov Bipeptides is a powerful dietary protein substitute that is made to provide protein ultra fast to people who have protein deficiency or problems digesting proteins. It provides a unique combination of all 20 plasma amino acids in a predigested form. Recov Bipeptides is a 100% porcine plasma (serum albumin) product which by nature only consists of mono- tri- and bipeptides. When orally digested, absorbance in 15 – 25 minutes is ensured. This enables you take full advantage of the 2 hour anabolic window after a workout to optimize recovery and muscle growth.

Studies show that even a slightly lowered serum albumin level in the blood is translated in a decrease of power and loss of muscle mass. By taking Recov Bipeptides made from 100% porcine serum albumin you can quickly load up and perform, grow and recover.

Nine out of 10 people have a protein deficiency. Keep in mind that you only grow and perform on proteins digested, not ingested.

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