Olympus Labs - DermaTREST - 120 Servings

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  • Olympus Labs -  DermaTREST - 120 Servings
  • Olympus Labs -  DermaTREST - 120 Servings

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Product Description

Dermatrest from Olympus Labs

Are you someone who wants the results that come with prohormones but you can’t seem to be able to swallow all those pills? If you want to dramatically increase your size, strength, and performance without choking down a dozen pills a day, then you need Dermatrest from Olympus Labs.

Dermatrest from Olympus Labs is a transdermal prohormone, which means you apply it directly to your skin. This allows for maximum absorption of the amazing prohormone contained within: Trestolone (17-hydroxy-7a-methylestr-4-en-3-one).

Trestolone is a very potent prohormone that may be able to significantly increase the size and mass of your muscles. What’s more, taken pre-workout, it can help skyrocket your performance while you show off that pumped and swole look.

The best thing about Trestolone is that it won’t cause unwanted side effects such as DHT conversion or low sex drive. If you want serious size without the side effects, Dermatrest from Olympus Labs is what you need.

Dermatrest is a very powerful prohormone and PCT supplement is required after a cycle.



  • Extreme gains in muscle mass
  • Promotes a full, pumped look
  • Boosts intra-workout energy and aggression
  • Highly bioavailable
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1 Review

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    Posted by Ben on 8th Aug 2018

    Confirming, this is legit. Instant +3kg bodyweight & bench PRs within 2wks.

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