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Reduces Cortisol And Increases Muscle Density!


Laxogenin has been one of the primary ingredients in bodybuilding supplements for many years. This plan harvested compound serves our body by providing it with a blueprint for creating its own anabolics. This is a natural way of achieving much of the same results you may see with a more chemical oriented prohormone compounds.

Today we are introducing the new Laxogenin product by Focused Nutrition, Laxo Elite. Laxo Plus comes as a part of the manufacturer’s new line of prohormone and SARM products. In that sense, it is important to say that Laxogenin is not a prohormone but rather a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator).

So, since we already know that this product is based on Laxogenin, let us go ahead and find out what Laxogenin is and how it works.


Laxo Plus Formula

As I mentioned earlier, Laxogenin works by giving your body a blueprint or the idea of what it could be doing to improve its own anabolism. When you take Laxogenin in suffieicnet dosage, the compound will influence your body to start synthesizing up to 200% more protein that it normally does. As we know protein will equal muscle growth.

Upon starting a Laxo Elite cycle, it should take only days for you to feel very significant increases in strength and by the time cycle ends you should have gained some pounds of new muscle mass. Another important feature of Laxogenin is its ability to fight off Cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for muscle wasting and other negative effects to your body.

Another important thing to note about Laxogenin is that multiple studies were done on this compound and being natural and healthy, the product proved to be extremely low in side effects. In fact, there was no known side effects to speak of.

Laxogenin does not mess up your Testosterone levels either, and it cannot aromatize to Estrogen, nor is it forbidden by any of the major sports or bodybuilding competitions. Many professional athletes take Laxogenin in muscle building phases.


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