Enhanced Athlete - ACE-XT (ACP-105) - 60 Capsules

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  • Enhanced Athlete - ACE-XT (ACP-105) - 60 Capsules
  • Enhanced Athlete - ACE-XT (ACP-105) - 60 Capsules


Product Description

60 Capsules/3mg

Another of our new SARMS which is still relatively unknown to most of you, so here is some information to start your own research and experiments with this compound.

Anabolic:Androgenic ratio of around 3:1 it is a partial agonist so it will be less suppressive than some other more powerful compounds. It only attaches in small concentrations to the androgen receptor, so exhibits minimal androgenic side effects while on paper rivalling testosterone for anabolic activity.

It has the potential to be very useful to any researchers looking to see an increased rate of recovery from exercise in their test subjects, with minimal suppression or side effects and similarly to ac-262 as this is a relatively new compound it may not be as easy to detect in drug testing protocols.

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