If you're reading this article, then the odds are that you're interested in bodybuilding supplements and healthier alternatives to help increase your gains and performance.

A lot has been said about supplements that help increase muscle growth and this has led to a stigma being placed on the use of these supplements but not all of them are bad.

Many bodybuilders take steroids to help them achieve their ideal body goals and the end results of these are amazing, but some people want a healthier alternative with the same kind of end results and less of the risks.

Let me introduce you to SARMS or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators which is billed as a healthier alternative to steroids and for good reason.

Here are some things you may not know about SARMS

  • 1.Muscle growth. Although they're less effective than regular steroids they can still provide a good amount of muscle growth.

SARMS aren't as potent as steroids but they still have some of the same effects when it comes to adding in muscle growth and development with fewer side effects.

  • 2.They're legal to use. Unlike certain types of steroids that are illegal to buy and use these are the complete opposite.

Many athletes and bodybuilders opt to use SARMS not only because they're easier to get but because unlike their riskier alternative, SARMS is 100% legal to buy and use which is always a positive when you're looking to increase your training and potential.

  • 3.Lower risk factors. If you're reading this, I'm sure you already know the risks associated with using steroids regularly and have some concerns.

Even though there are some side effects to using SARMS in large doses the risk is much lower than if you took steroids which is why many people prefer this over regular steroids.

  • 4.Price. All supplements are costly, but steroids can run you as much as $900 for a cycle.

While doing similar things, SARMS is much cheaper than steroids which is another reason a lot of people prefer them.

  • 5.Fat loss. Many bodybuilders not only want to increase their muscle mass but also get their body fat percentage down.

While not only helping with the increase of muscle growth SARMS also helps in dropping body fat so you can get that amazing look you're going for, and any athlete or bodybuilder knows just how hard it is to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

SARMS are the healthier alternative to using steroids but any bodybuilder or fitness instructor will tell you there are risks if you overuse so always consult your trainer or doctor before starting any new type of supplement cycle.

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28th Mar 2019 Alex

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