We always promise ourselves that we will get up early, make a protein shake and head to the gym before work, but when it's minus 1 in the morning accompanied by harsh winds, it's hard to find the motivation to get out of your warm bed.

Sure, you can just put it off until tomorrow but what happens when tomorrow morning is even colder?

So the question becomes how you can keep yourself motivated through these cold winter months?

Here are some motivational tips for you to use in winter:

Going to bed early

Going to bed earlier in the night will give you a better nights sleep and leave you feeling more energised in the morning, plus getting a better night’s sleep helps your body and muscles heal quicker.

Using protein powder

Some protein powers have caffeine in them which is great for giving you energy in the morning and helping you wake up, plus if you're already using protein powder as part of your workout then switching to one with added caffeine will be easy.

Getting a gym buddy

Nothing gives you motivation quite like accountability, so if you have one or more people to go to the gym with you will feel more inclined to go rather then if you were just by yourself. Plus doing things with other people is always more enjoyable, so you get the social benefit as well.

Taking burners

Burners are mainly used to help speed up the calorie burning process, but an added feature of them is that they increase your body's temperature, so taking some before a workout in the morning will help you warm up much faster than usual.

Dedicated rest day

If you're going full on every day you don't have anything to look forward to in o keep yourself going, but having a rest day in the middle of the week will give you the motivation to push harder. Knowing that you're only one workout away from a day off is a pretty powerful thing, just like working on a Friday and knowing that after you finish, you have an entire weekend with no work.

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9th Jul 2019 Alex

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