Any nutritionist or trainer will tell you that your diet is a big part of your overall workout plan, so coming up with a diet that you like will help you out a lot.

Diets can be restricting and boring, which is why so many people find it challenging to stick with them for an extended period of time. This is why you see so many fad diets coming out, attempting to capitalise on those people.

Although it's not a complete diet plan, we here at Evolution Supplements have come up with some diet tips to help you get into your summer body.


Snacking is something you should do since it keeps your metabolism going throughout the day, but it's important to choose snacks that will benefit you. A popular one is unsalted popcorn since it's a very dense food but has minimal calories.

Drink plenty of water

We can't overstate this tip since it will help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, but it also enables you to feel fuller for longer, which helps get rid of those hunger pains we all know and hate.

Lean Meat is key

We all love a nice juicy steak, and that's fine, but we should be eating more lean meats to help our muscles develop without subjecting our bodies to excessive amounts of fat. An excellent choice is silverside which is an excellent source of protein, and it also tastes great.

Try some burners

If you need that little extra help, you should try using burners to help elevate your metabolism and speed up your body's calorie burning.

Pile up the vegetables

Vegetables not only contain essential vitamins, but also have very few calories but make you feel full after eating, so they're the perfect partner when it comes to diet and weight loss.

Nuts are quite filing

Nuts are a fantastic food because they can not only give us essential oils and vitamins but can also help lower your cholesterol, plus they can be very filling, which enables you to feel fuller for longer.


Fruits are great tasting and contain a lot of fibre which everyone needs in their life, plus they're low in calories and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Getting yourself on a diet plan and sticking to it can be a tough job, so it's nice to know that a service exists that can help you by providing any supplements you may need in your journey to that summer body.

Evolution Supplements is an Australian owned and ran company that ships free to anywhere in Australia and has a massive range of products that are continually growing. We also have staff on hand that are ready, willing and able to answer any questions or concerns you have.

Call Evolution Supplements today on (02) 9688 2217 or head on over to our products and browse, you can also look at our other helpful blog posts we have here to help motivate and educate you.

23rd Sep 2019 Alex

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