7 Benefits of Amino Acids

7 Benefits of Amino Acids

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of protein. They are responsible for repairing, rebuilding, and strengthening the body. As precursors of enzymes and neurotransmitters, they regulate most of the metabolic processes in the human body.

Amino acids can be found in certain food groups. The foods which are known to contain the most amino acids are:

-Red meat






-Fruit & vegetables

You can gain a more concentrated dose from workout supplements.

Evolution Supplements is a supplement store for body building, health, and wellness.

We have amino acid supplements available.

It’s no surprise that amino acids are vital and beneficial components to your everyday life - whether you’re working out or even in general.

Read on to discover 7 benefits of amino acids:

Benefit 1: Less Soreness

Working out sure can make your muscles ache. Amino acids protect your muscles which means you’ll be feeling less sore than without amino acids. Which leads to benefit 2…

Benefit 2: Quicker Recovery

A faster recovery means you can bounce back to the gym quicker and see better results over time. You’ll also be able to sleep more comfortably and avoid the struggle of getting out of bed the next day.

Benefit 3: Reduced Fatigue

Fatigue is a downer both before and after the gym. Did you know amino acids reduce feelings of fatigue? By taking amino acids, you will have more energy to enjoy your time after gym sessions and get even more stuff done!

Benefit 4: Better Focus

Poor mental focus can lead to a variety of neurological weaknesses. Amino acids increase focus by improving mental processing and short-term memory. This would help if you have trouble remembering which set you’re on mid-workout.

Benefit 5: Uplifted Mood

Amino acids work to increase mood and decrease stress responses - which is perfect for anyone. This will help with the crash that often comes after a gym session. You can also expect to wake up in an uplifted mood.

Benefit 6: Fat Burner

How great is that! Amino acids actually work to burn body fat. Just be sure not to make the mistake of taking amino acids in replacement of exercise and proper nutritional dieting. It won’t be successful and can leave you worse off.

Benefit 7: Fuel for Muscles

During a workout, amino acids work as fuel to help you build muscle faster; and keep them! Amino acids work to prevent muscle breakdown.

We have two amazing amino acid supplements which we know will benefit you. These are: BPI Sports - BEST BCCA (30 servings) and Olympus Labs - ENDUR3 (30 servings).

It’s recommended that you speak with your doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers to see if it’s viable to have amino acids as a part of your workout regime.

The team here at Evolution Supplements are experts in all things supplements. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate in calling us if you have any questions regarding supplements. You can contact us here or calling us on (02) 9688 2217. 

7th Feb 2019 Alex Etoiles Agency

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