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Ultimate Bulking Stack
The ultimate bulking stack has been advanced to a more effective compounds.
The products in this combo are only for 21 years and over and at least 3+ years of experience.
After allot of thought we've put together the ULTIMATE BULKING STACK to satisfy every customers needs.
This stack will give you the muscle bulk you need by packing on up to 10kg bulk muscle.
Bulk gains never been so easy! Get yours today and grow like a monster turn heads like never before!
Cycle will go for 4 weeks followed by 4 weeks pct.
To view information on each product click on the provided links below.
Underground Pharma PHENOM is located here
Underground Pharma YK-11 is located here
Underground Pharma RAD-140 is located here
Olympus Labs K1NGS GUARD is located here
Olympus Labs SUP3R PCT is located here
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