EVO LABS - SHRED - 90 Capsules


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The most popular fat loss stack Lose fat 24/7

  • Slim down even if you don't workout.
  • Dramatically increase fat burning during workout.
  • Increases cardiovascular & muscle endurance.

The nicest thing about cardarine and sr9009 is that they are not stimulants or hormones so they won't effect sleep, raise cortisol levels or anything like that. It'll cause a huge boost in fat loss with no side effects.

Cardarine/SR9009 will not effect testosterone production in any way. They are a great addition to a PCT Protocol to prevent fat gain while your hormones are low.


On Cycle Directions:

Maximum of 2 bottles for 8 weeks

1 Capsule with food early morning

1 Capsule with food 12-1pm midday

1 Capsule  with food 6-7pm (do not take any later than 8pm it's possible that it can affect your sleep)


Post Cycle Directions:

PCT is not required Cardarine/SR9009 can also be an addition during pct after a androgenic/anabolic cycle such as EVO LABS JACKED.




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