EVO LABS - RIPPED - 90 Capsules

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EVO LABS - RIPPED - 90 Capsules

RIPPED (Rad140 & Andarine)

Great combo for extreme muscle gains & fat loss

Develop muscular definition and hardness Rock hard pumps 24/7 Rapid strength gains Double your endurance.


On Cycle Directions:

Maximum of 2 bottles for 8 weeks

1 Capsule with food early morning

1 Capsule with food 12-1pm midday

1 Capsule with food 6-7pm (do not take any later than 8pm it's possible that it can affect your sleep)


Post Cycle Directions:

1 bottle of K1NGS BLOOD (30 day's pct)

5caps am 5caps pm with food everyday until finished.


Lab Test Results: